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With the Queen’s Birthday long weekend upon us, we invited the Australian Republican Movement's Peter FitzSimons on the show to discuss the republican movement's campaign to replace the Queen with a resident for a president.

Natalie Hutchins Minister for Local Government, Aboriginal Affairs and Industrial Relations talks about student politics, a treaty with the first Australians, Jeff Kennett's belly button and so much more.

As Britons go to the polls on June 8 - John provides a frank assessment on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's bleak electoral prospects.

Having worked for Julia Gillard, he also has some thoughts on Kevin Rudd too.

This week we have a very special Pod On The Hill. Stephen and Conrad co-host record live from Victorian Labor State Conference and are joined by 3 guests, Victorian Branch President Hutch Hussein, NUW State Secretary Gary Maas and Latrobe Conference delegate Amy Muratore.

Stephen Koukoulas Managing Director of Market Economics, dissects the Federal Budget, gives is thoughts on how to solve housing affordability, the tax system and how much time he has saved now Chris Kenny has blocked him on twitter.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas and Member for Werribee talks about his life motto, Victoria's record investment in family violence prevention, the Bracks years and sport in Melbourne.

Michael Cooney, Executive Director of the Chifley Research Centre talks about formulating domestic policy in an age of globalisation, economic crisis and Trump protectionism.

Michael also has a bit to say about his roles working for three former Labor leaders including Mark Latham, meeting a Labor legend and his lifetime love of Canberra

Listen to Mary-Anne tell us about what Gough Whitlam did to change her life, her union activism in Kennett's Victoria, and the heady first months of the Bracks government in 1999.

This week Conrad French is joined by federal member for Gellibrand Tim Watts. Conrad attempts to gain revenge for Tim's constant goading of the Collingwood v Brisbane grand finals of the early 2000s, the challenges of working for significant figures in the Labor Party and the great community of Gellibrand.