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On this week's episode of Pod On The Hill, Stephen Donnelly is joined on the line by WA Labor's Lenda Oshalem to breakdown Labor's historic landslide election victory at the WA state election.

On this week's episode of Pod on the Hill, Victorian Labor's Nicola Castleman sits down with the President of the ACTU Ged Kearney. Ged talks about her journey into unionism, the current penalty rates campaign and her love of those mighty Tiges!

On this week's episode of Pod on the Hill Stephen Donnelly sits down with Labor's Member for Williamstown Wade Noonan to discuss his time in the union movement, his transition into politics, jobs, manufacturing and fracking.

On this week's embryonic episode of Pod on the Hill, Victorian Labor's Stephen Donnelly sits down with Labor Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing. They discuss greyhounds, languages, penalty rates and the curse of the Bambino.