Since the beginning of the equal rights movement, change has come from the grassroots.



Every single Australian deserves to be treated equally at their schools, in their workplaces and at home. Labor knows that no matter someone’s gender or sexual orientation, they deserve the same rights and protections as anyone else. It’s a core belief of the Community Action Network.

In the Community Action Network, every voice counts.



Fairness and equality have been at the forefront of Labor Governments throughout history, and only Labor has campaigned for change, and delivered it. Labor has removed discrimination from superannuation, tax and employment laws, delivered adoption equality in Victoria and expunged and apologised to Victorians previously convicted for just being who they are.

Since the beginning of the equal rights movement, change has come from the grassroots and right now we’re counting on you to continue the fight for equality for all. Labor will always be against a harmful and divisive marriage equality plebiscite, and we will always fight to protect students in schools from bullying and discrimination, but we can’t do it without you.


Whether it’s about marriage, or being safe at school, the Liberals and other right wing parties have shown time and time again they believe LGBTI Australians should continue to be treated as second class citizens. We know that nothing good can come from hate, and we need you to help us spread the message for equality. The Community Action Network will continue to speak up for a society that believes in fairness and equality for all. Join us today.