Grow our grassroots organising movement by becoming a CAN volunteer leader today.



The Community Action Network is a grassroots organising movement. That means we have well trained field organisers across Victoria organising volunteers to mobilse their community around shared values.

The secret to our grassroots movement is our organising structure. It is at the heart of our Community Action Network.


The Community Action Network is focused on empowering people like you to take on important roles and responsibilities as volunteer leaders in your local communities. Leadership roles can involve being a phonebank, doorknock or street stall captain for your local CAN team of volunteers. Working together as a team, our volunteer leaders drive our grassroots campaigns to succeed.

Most importantly, our volunteer leadership network ensures that our grassroots movement is sustainable for the future.

And it doesn't matter where you live or how much experience you have, our best volunteer leaders are both young and older volunteers that live in the inner city, suburban Melbourne and in the regions. 



The Community Action Network is dedicated to training the next generation of volunteer leaders to give you the tools to fight on the most important issues facing Australians. CAN takes training our volunteers seriously because your ability to organise communities is crucial to our movement's success. 

The volunteer leaders of the last election campaign can be the field organisers at future election campaigns.

Whether it’s about workers’ rights, heath care or education, there are so many battles to be won.


If you have the enthusiasm and passion to lead others to bring change in your local community, get started by adding your name today.